Chemotherapy solutions

As this hair loss is relatively rapid and not generally permanent, we offer a range of ready-made wigs that can be personalised specifically for you.
We can also assist you with medical claims through both the private and public care systems.

Caused by the drugs used to treat many cancers, anagen effluvium is patchy hair loss that usually becomes total. You will likely lose between 15 and 25 per cent of your hair after the first treatment and the rest shortly after the second treatment. It is important to allow the hair to fall out, otherwise loose hair can tangle and create a matted cap.
After treatment is completed, new hair usually regrows in patches. It is typically about two years (or longer for greater hair length) from commencement of treatment to when hair can be worn without a wig.

Suitable hair products

Having a natural hair wig styled for me was a great boost to my morale. Having been a breast cancer patient for almost 11 years with 3 bouts of hair loss it is very reassuring that I have such a lovely natural wig to wear whenever I need it.

Susan VIC