What is the difference between a wig and a hairpiece?

A wig is a full head of hair, securely knotted to a mono-net, lace or silicone base. Hairpieces are smaller sections of hair that can be fixed to existing hair with clips or double-sided medical tape. Hairpieces cannot be converted to wigs.

What does custom-made mean? And personalised?

Our custom-made wigs are handmade, one-by-one, precisely to the requirements of each client. These wigs take time and are a more expensive option, but your custom-made wig is a one-off, made just for you. Our personalised wigs are cut, coloured and styled from a ready-made selection, all produced to our exacting standards. They are a great solution for women with rapid, temporary hair loss.

What is remy hair?

Remy hair is the finest quality human hair available to wigmakers. Hair is classified as ‘remy’ when it retains the hair’s original cuticle layer. This natural protective layer consists of ‘scales’ that lock in moisture and colour particles and keep the hair shiny and smooth. Non-remy hair has had the cuticle layer stripped from the hair shaft with acid and then replaced with a layer of silicone to give a soft feel. This silicone wears off after about 6 to 10 washes and the hair is left dry, brittle and knotty. All Natural Wig products are made from 100% remy hair, with all of the strands of hair intact and lying in the same direction, resulting in smooth, natural-looking wigs and hairpieces with a longer life.

What are the wig bases made from?

The Natural Wig’s standard bases are made from a combination of different net fabrics, specially designed to take advantage of each material’s benefits. Transparent monofilament net, which takes on the colour of your scalp, is used through the top of the wig. An open transparent net is utilised through the back and sides, to allow extra air flow. These transparent nets do not absorb sweat and are therefore resistant to the corrosive effects of the body’s salts. Through the crown of the wig, there is some stretch net to aid optimal fit, and a soft, natural face line is ensured through the use of a net edge.

How do I care for my wig or hairpiece?

It is a good idea to use a moisturising spray or oil on your wig every day. We recommend Davines Oi All-In-One Milk or Davines Oi Oil. Regular gentle brushing is also recommended. Regular washing around every 6 weeks (or every 4 weeks for longer hair) by The Natural Wig’s salons is recommended to keep your wig looking its best. It is important not to subject your wig to excessive heat too frequently (for example, by using curlers or straighteners) and you should never put your wig or hairpiece in the washing machine or dryer! Looking after your wig properly will mean it can be worn for up to 4 years before needing to be replaced.

How often should I wash my wig or hairpiece?

When a wig or hairpiece gets dirty, it does not look greasy like regular hair; it becomes stiff and dry. Wigs that are shoulder-length or shorter can be washed every 6 to 8 weeks. Wigs that are longer than shoulder-length can be washed every 4 to 6 weeks at a minimum.

How do I wash my wig or hairpiece?

We recommend you return your wig to our salons for regular washing, however if you would prefer to maintain your wig at home, you can follow these simple steps.

  • Fill a bucket with two litres of clean warm water and add shampoo. We recommend Davines Oi Shampoo. Soak the wig or hairpiece for about five minutes. Do not agitate or matting can occur.
  • Rinse until all bubbles are removed.
  • Repeat these first two steps again.
  • Fill a bucket with two litres of clean warm water and add conditioner. We recommend Davines Oi Conditioner. Soak the wig or hairpiece for about ten minutes. Do not agitate or matting can occur.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Blot dry and comb into style.
  • Allow to dry naturally.
Professional washing and styling at a Natural Wig salon can usually be completed within an hour.

Can my usual hairdresser cut/style/wash my wig or hairpiece?

Yes, your usual hairdresser can do all of the cutting, colouring and styling if you prefer. Alternatively, we are experienced wig and hairpiece cutters, colourists and stylists and all products can be cut in by our staff.

Can I colour/cut/blow dry/straighten my wig or hairpiece?

All our products are 100% remy human hair and can be coloured and cut by a professional hairdresser. As the hair in the wig or hairpiece is not replacing itself, heat treatments should be kept to a minimum. Blow-drying is a great way to achieve a style, but can be damaging to the hair so should be limited to about once every three weeks. Straightening is very harsh due to the extreme heat required and, to prolong the life of the hair in your wig or hairpiece, should only be done occasionally.

Can the style of my wig or hairpiece be changed?

Because all Natural Wigs and hairpieces are made from 100% remy human hair, they can be styled from straight to curly and back again with each wash. But it is important to be remember that the fewer heat treatments you subject your wig to, the longer it will last. You can also have your wig or hairpiece cut to a shorter style after time if desired.

Can the colour of my wig or hairpiece be changed?

The colour of your Natural Wig can be made richer or darker, although lightening the hair is not recommended.

Can my wig or hairpiece be made just for me?

All of our products are available in a custom-made option to fit you perfectly. Our personalised ready-made wigs can also be resized smaller to give you a seamless fit.

Do you make wigs for men and children or just for women?

We can supply custom-made wigs or hairpieces for men or children with medical conditions or for those undergoing gender transition. We don’t yet cater for male-pattern baldness.

How will my wig or hairpiece attach? Will it be secure?

We will ensure your wig or hairpiece will never fall off. Natural Wigs have an elasticised base with adjustable straps and require very little extra security. Flat clips, bobby pins or double-sided medical tape can be used if you feel you need a little more reassurance. Custom-made hairpieces are modelled from a mould of your head so they fit the contours of your head perfectly. They can be secured with flat clips or double-sided medical tape.

Will people be able to tell I’m wearing a wig or hairpiece?

No. We are experienced wig and hairpiece cutters, colourists and stylists, and our hand-knotted pieces behave very much like real hair. Our work will always help you look and feel like your wig or hairpiece is a completely natural extension of you.

Can I wear glasses with a wig or hairpiece?

Of course. Glasses can even help to hold a wig in place. When wearing glasses, rest the arms over the base of the wig and then on your ears as normal. Don’t put the arms of your glasses under the base as this lifts it away from your head.

Will my wig or hairpiece be comfortable? Will it itch? Will it be hot?

All our wigs and hairpieces are made on soft, light flexible bases so they conform to your head for a comfortable fit. Since all our items are fully hand-knotted, there are no itchy wefts or rows of hair. You don’t even need to wear a wig cap underneath. A wig or hairpiece is being worn on your head, so it does trap some heat in, and synthetic fibres in particular can get warm. However, The Natural Wig bases are all made from transparent monofilament net, which does not absorb sweat. Wigs made of human hair are also cooler to wear than those made of synthetic fibres.

Will the wig or hairpiece need maintenance or repairs?

With constant wear, some of the hair will come out of any wig or hairpiece. We offer a full repair service to refill any wig or hairpiece, which may be done after about 2 years.

Can I go swimming while wearing my wig or hairpiece?

You can go swimming with a hairpiece. A wig may slip more if immersed in the water, but extra clips or tape can be used to help keep it in place. If you do go swimming, it is recommended that you wash your wig or hairpiece as soon as possible to remove chlorine, salt and dirt. Regular swimming will dry any hair out and, since the hair in a wig or hairpiece is not growing, prolonged exposure to chlorine and salt will shorten the life of the piece.

How should I store my wig or hairpiece to maintain its style?

While not wearing the wig, it can be stored on a head shape, out of the sun.

What products can be used to maintain my wig or hairpiece?

Supermarket products are not recommended. They usually contain high levels of alcohol, which is very drying, and cheaper short-chain silicones, which can build up on the hair and make it limp, greasy and dull. The Natural Wig stocks a wide range of wig- and hairpiece-friendly products that contain little to no alcohol or silicone. Check out our recommended Davines Oi All-In-One Milk or care products.

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